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Lead Staff

Mikiko Mochizuki

Hiroaki Wakasugi
Executive Chef

Miyuki Ishihara
General Manager


Welcome to

sola izakaya

Sola Izakaya Restaurant was founded by Mikiko Mochizuki in hopes to bring an authentic Japanese pub dining experience to the San Fernando Valley. 

Don't expect to see any sushi, as our goal is to showcase the larger variety of Japanese cuisine has to offer. Recollecting Miki's fond memories of delicious comfort foods she enjoyed growing up in Japan as well as Master Chef, Hiroaki Wakasugi's, 40+ years of experience in Japanese dining, the two were able to create a humble and beautifully cultivated menu of dishes. We prepare each meal using only the finest ingredients. From vegetarian dishes with pure yet powerful flavors to succulent rib eye steaks and mouthwatering whole grill fish, your taste buds are sure to rejoice! We encourage our guests to order and share an array of dishes with your own guests so that everyone can relish in the diversity of our cuisine. 

Be sure to pair each bite with our wide selection of beers, sakes, and shochus. Each beverage in our drink selection was hand-picked to ensure onfly top quality drinks are to be had with your meal. 

With delectable tapas type dishes and thirst-quenching beverages, you, your friends, family, and loved ones are sure to have a lively time here at Sola.